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These are some of the places where he hangs out. Where he does his thing. Happy memories are attached to those places.

Nothing will happen tonight, though.

Tonight is safe.



Movement : W, A, S & D
Pause Menu : ESC


BEHOLD is a simple environments demo published as a teaser of things to come, and as an ambient piece for the HauntedPS1 Wretched Weekend 1 game jam.
This is not a game. Do not expect anything out of this experience except for virtual places to hang out.

Nothing will happen tonight.

Tonight is safe.


A demo by Somewhat
Please read accompanying ReadMe file for full credits.



Builds for MacOS and Linux are offered here, based on manifest interest on past titles. But please note that it is not possible on my end to do even basic testing on those versions, so there is a distinct possibility they might not work properly.

There is a known issue with Linux whereas the character controller is unresponsive / responding weirdly to user input. This issue is not being looked at, since it is difficult to support Linux version at the moment. I'm very sorry.

This game is NOT officially supported on Mac Catalina OS.


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Behold 1.0.3 (Linux).zip 65 MB

Development log


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Hey man I found it interesting even though it was not a complete game I thought it was well done, I don't know if this project is still active but I hope to see something of yours in the future.

Keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR

late but, enjoy your games ;)
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(The video is a gameplay I did yesterday of Behold)

Really liked the graphics, it looks great! I hope to see more of this. Btw, it says it's an environmental demo, does that mean that the full game will be a game with story and everything or will it be like that, where there is no storyline or objective?

Thank you for playing! The project for the game, as it stands right now, probably won't get completed any time soon, unfortunately. Plans changed over the summer and now completing Behold isn't really in the cards at the moment. Sorry. 
I'm very attached to the aesthetic explored in this title, though, so it might come back in one way or another.

I liked the scenery and had a lot of fun with the couple of little glitches that happened when I was looking around.

Thank you for taking the time to visit these places. There isn't much of a game here yet, it was a bit of a rushed rough pitch for a bigger idea. Hopefully, you'll get the play the final product one of those days.

Excited (and frankly a bit terrified) to see where this is headed, the aesthetic comes off quite differently from Please. A more personal and realistic kind of dread here...

Thank you for playing this one! The concept is a tougher sell than my earlier titles, so I'm glad to see people appreciate it. Thank you for the support. 


loved this! i expected it to just purely be atmospheric, but there's still things you can actually do in game just by doing a little looking around. i hope it gets expanded on! :)

Just uploaded my playthrough of your demo.  Made so much more sense now that I read the description which I should've done initially -_-. But instead of re-recording, I wanted to upload my initial thoughts without any precursor. 

I really love your aesthetic and your take on perspective. The way you play with observation and voyeurism, peeking into others and ourselves. There wasn't a ton here but the bit you had was very effective. Good luck with the full game because I think you'll end up with something genuinely fresh and intriguing rather than something trying to be mature for shock value. Oh, I played yours around 45:21!

It was great watching you play through my little demo. You've caught on the themes of the experience quite succinctly too. 
Hopefully, the full experience will prove to be as interesting and disturbing.

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Threw your demo into an indie romp I made. Liking the look of it. Can't wait to summon a friend haha.

Your game starts at 11:33

P.s I just noticed it was you wonderful people who made "the shape on the ground" it's been such a long time, I wonder if my results have changed :P

Thank you for playing my little demo. I definitely understated it, but there was more to find in those environments. If you ever play the full game, it'll be more involving. This was all I could manage to do to release in time for the weekend game jam, so admittedly there isn't a lot to do, though.

Вы можете сделать невидимые стены над забором высоко

Hello! I wanted to ask, what you read for creating game? I inspired by you, want also creating games.

Hello! I'm glad you want to get into game!
I personally use Unity as a game engine. 
Inside Unity, I create 3D environments with RealtimeCSG. I do not know how to code, so I use visual scripting to help me : a lot of people love PlayMaker to make visual scripting, but I personally use GameFlow.
As for the fake PS1 look, you can recreate it using the dsoft20 psx_retroshader that you can find on GitHub. 

Hopefully, this can get you started. Take your time, though, this is a lot of new tools to learn, don't burn yourself out!

Hi Somewhat! I'm currently making a series where I play through every game submitted to the Wretched Weekend Jam, and yours was the 7th game I played!

I was really expecting a game when I started it up (because I didn't read the description closely enough!), but all it has done is make me really hyped for your next release. These environments look amazing, probably your best looking so far! I really can't wait to see what you do with them!

Here's the video for those interested (time stamps in description):

Hey! Sorry for getting back at you so late. Things have been hectic over here at Somewhat HQ.
Loved to see you play, as usual. But what if I told you there were a little more to the demo than what you saw? There is a friend hiding somewhere in both environments...

No worries dude!
What!? Really? Man, I'm going to have to go back in on my own time to see if I can find that! You sneaky swine.
Really excited for this release though, the environments were really nice to explore, felt real and gritty. Can't wait to come back and see what happens in them!

Gorgeous environments. I liked how you set the scene and introduced the character; it felt different from most horror games in an intriguing way.

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Thank you for the kind words!
I know this specific title is probably not what many players expect from me but I am glad it can still reach some people!

Also, at first, I was like, "wait, I know that logo from your profile pic", then I realized you made 'A Colossal Interruption'. That was a fun one. :-)

I made a friend.


Beautiful. Yeah, that's a known issue with the character controller I am using for this game. Still, it's fun to know people can do that and get a little 'behind the scenes' bonus as a result.

I tried that, but I seemed way too slow. :,(

Your quick proof of concept seems to work...👍 at least for me.
I found my way to the end of both scenes (which i thought was the end, because the main menu appeared after i saw [✔] ). My full respect for your braveness to release a demo/alpha/test. I'll never do this again. Just yesterday i saw a player on twitch, playing my first game in it's very first broken alpha version. I don't know from where he got that old waste, but i felt so much shame.. 🙁 nevermind. 
Thank you for the demo, i'm exited about the full game and it's story.
Stay healthy. 😎


Yeah, the game wasn't ready for the spotlight yet, and I think it shows in the demo, but I really wanted to release something for the HauntedPS1 game jam, and that's all I could do with the limited time I had over the Easter weekend.

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

Unfortunately no. I wanted to participate in the weekend game jam so I whipped up this little demo for it, but the bigger, final game is not ready yet. You can look at this demo as a proof of concept for what's to come in a few months.

Super nice atmosphere. Even with this little glimpse, you made me feel uncomfortable. Intrigued to see the final game!

Thank you very much! Looking forward to making you more uncomfortable, then!

...wait, that came out wrong.

Is this game finished? I mean, no further updates.

Unfortunately no. I wanted to participate in the weekend game jam so I whipped up this little demo for it, but the bigger, final game is not ready yet. See this demo as a proof of concept for what's to come in a few months.

The game looks really good! The concept is actually really creepy and the atmosphere is incredible. Stalker Mode sounds interesting too, can't wait to see that.

Thank you very much for the kind words! It was initially supposed to be a mood piece, but I decided to add some light gameplay elements to keep it spooky. 

Expect something more involved in the final game.

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like hope look full story

Thank you for playing, even though there isn't much material at the moment. Always a pleasure to watch players go through my works. 

I start the game and choose ambient mode, pick any level and all it does is load the level, then slowly fade to black and bring me to the main menu :/....


Very sorry about this. Scrambled to reach the deadline of the jam (before it was extended, that is) and my very last implementation messed up the transition between scenes.

Reverted back to build 1.0 for the time being. The flow of the game isn't the same, but it'll work, at least.


Sorry to hear, gamejams are sorta bad for that, is the feeling of being rushed really worth it, from your perspective? Curious question from someone who doesn't do indie dev stuff. I'd feel like I'd be someone who'd hate having deadlines.

Sorry for mixing me in but i was currently going to play this experience and stumbled over this. Of course, deadlines can be a death sentence for a quality project. For this reason, I personally never participated in GameJams. 'somewhat' is an imperator of inspiration for me, even if i mostly end up with creating eye-destroying horror games. 🤣🤣😄


I feel I am in a unique position among my fellow HauntedPS1 devs, as I am older than the average dev and I work fulltime in a job unrelated to game development (yes, even during quarantine, I still get to log 40hrs/week from home, ain't technology a beautiful thing).

So in the specific case of this title, I've been working on and off on these environments for a project I didn't see being released before a long time. But when I saw the enthusiasm around the weekend game jam, I got tired of skipping jams because of lack of time and tried to make something real quick. Now, I only had the environments made already, more or less, so all I did was add some basic playability/vague objectives and a menu system/main menu screen. Took me about 4-5 hours all in all, and that's all I could do.

I don't mind deadlines, as limitations feed creativity, i believe. Forcing you to make clear decisions so you can move on to the other problem at hand, and so on. But my main motivation this time around was that good old FOMO; I was tired of not participating in events of this cool low-poly horror games community, so I really wanted to release a little something. My professional and personal life leave me very little time to make games, however, so I work with what I have.


No idea if it's too late, but I just uploaded a build that should fix the issue you've encountered. Thanks for your understanding, by the way.

No worries! Can't wait to see more from this concept

seriously beautiful aesthetic 


Thank you, Rain! Expect some more night-photography-inspired environments i the final game!