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God damn it Somewhat! Can't believe y'all are getting me to buy this game again. I'm so mad I'm going to pay 10 dollars instead of 5.

Jk, seriously tho I'm SO glad to see you guys are still bumpin around, thanks for not toning down the tv scenes for the sake of other platforms, art is MEANT to make you feel things, including uncomfortable and disturbed.

Can't wait to find this fourth ending!!!

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This is definitely your best work as of yet. I've only gotten two of the endings so far. I love games that cross boundries with their themes, 'I make Saints' was a good one too. I'm not much of a fan of these horror games with monsters & chasing. But being put into a game like this, with the heavy atmosphere and themes.. it's great. Similar to movies like Snowtown (2011), it's not horrfying because of gory or violent scenes (although they do happen), but the atmosphere around it, it's suffocating & depressing. It put me into a bubble of gloom while watching, I like when games accomplish the same. This one did. I'll look for the other two endings later on as well. Keep it up ๐Ÿ‘(and screw  other platforms for denying it, the tv scenes are actually tame)

can i use a controller / joystick with this?


The game is built on a Unity asset that supported controller controls, but the game was not built with consideration for controllers.

So short answer : no, you should not use a controller to play, since we cannot guarantee it is going to work all the way

Complicated answer : maybe it can be played with controllers. It was never properly tested. The game was made with keyboard and mouse in mind.


Can you please make it "FREE"?! I love this game BADLY! :(


Dude, it's just $5. It's already cheap and well worth the price. Don't be disrespectful to the creator.


While we understand that not everyone is in a position to pay for their entertainment (whether they're in a tight financial situation, or they do not have access to credit cards or paypal-like online services to make a transaction), in return we ask players to understand we are a very small indie studio (two full-time employees working on a very small budget) and making games is currently our livelihood. Giving our work away for free is not an option for us, unfortunately. Buying our games (especially buying here on is the most direct and best way to support us in making more content in the future, although we already appreciate the love you are sending us with your desire to play \SPEK.TAKL\.

If you wish to experience our games for free, the internet provides a few ways to do so, such as let's players completing the game on video. Perhaps later you'll be in a better situation to pay for our work, and we can wait until then. No pressure. Thank you for your interest in our titles!


Ok... If I tell someone who have this game to upload it on "MediaFile"


Hey just wanted to throw some support your way. Read about your game being banned from the coverage and picked up a copy. I really enjoyed it! Best of luck and much success! 


Thank you very much! Hopefully the game itself was a worthy experience. Your support means a lot to us!

Will it be released in Steam?

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Unfortunately, this game will not be published on Steam. We were planning to, but we've encountered problems.
For more information, you can read the blog post we wrote about the situation here.

Will there be patches in future?

None are planned. Hopefully this is the last version we'll put out of this title.

I know that this game is Banned on Steam due to Nudity & Violence or something like that!


Can't wait to try it out! Congrats on the re-launch!


Thank you for the kind words! You mention the re-launch : if you've played before, make sure you are interested in the new content before buying again. Not much has changed with the original. Just be certain you make an informed purchase. :)


I appreciate the reminder. I never played the original -- really excited to jump into it tonight!


i need a buy button!


It should be available now, we just published it a few minutes ago. We hope you enjoy your time with it!


TY, i love this game design!

so excited i will def buy when this comes out. Loved the original

The game is out now! Take the time to read what's new in the game since the last time you've played. Be warned that not a lot has changed, so make sure you are still interested before buying. We appreciate your support nonetheless.

I understand, just bought a copy. This is one of my favorite somewhat games! excited to see what else you guys can do

Woah it's not out yet? Looks great.


It's out now! Today is the day!

Awesome! Thanks for releasing this.

The original game is a wonderful, if disturbing experience, I can't wait for this version.

This new version is out today! Please make sure you read what's new in the game page, since not a lot was added compared to the original version. Consider if it's worth a second buy before committing to it. We appreciate your support either way.

ah, i may buy it just for subtitles alone. i couldn't understand the man on the phone when i played it.

Can't wait for it,  i'm addicted to your games! ๐Ÿ‘


The game is out! Thank you for you support. You know the admiration for each other's games is mutual! :-)

Looks fantastic!

Excited for this.

It's out today. Hopefully you've maintained the hype until now!

This looks messed up. I'm stoked!

It's now available! We hope you'll have a great time with it.