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\SPEK.TAKL\ - Banned Edition is the version of the game that was TOO STEAMY FOR THE OTHER PLATFORMS. This edition is UNCENSORED : it is the complete \SPEK.TAKL\ experience.

If you have already played \SPEK.TAKL\ before, please read the list of additions below before you buy it again : not a lot has changed since you last played.



This game contains public domain images and footage, which includes vintage softcore eroticism. Those images can be avoided if the player ignores the television programming presented in-game. None of the programming is essential to game completion. The game also contains nudity as depicted by classical paintings.



"[...] a captivating mixture of gore, eroticism and paranoia that feels quite unlike anything else and really gets under your skin. Highly recommended."
Free Game Planet

"Spek.takl reminds me of the best part of Silent Hill 4: The Room. [...] an accomplished horror, and one of the few that explores fresh territory."
PC Gamer

"[...] this is not the typical pixel horror game. [...] Just play it, you will not regret it."
- Giga.de

"[...] a genuinely creepy atmosphere, where I was jumping at the sound of my own footsteps."
- Only Single Player


\SPEK.TAKL\ is a a first-person psychological horror game with multiple endings that can be completed in under an hour.

It is a late-night television watching simulator. Sit down on the couch in your new apartment straight out of 1994 and enjoy a cozy evening bingeing cable TV until the sign-off comes around and there's nothing else to watch.

Whatever you do, do not worry about the neighbors; do NOT answer the door; and never EVER watch the VHS tapes that are dropped through your mail slot.

\SPEK.TAKL\ is an intense, intimate and disturbing horror-themed psychosexual exploration on the lengths some of us go to in order to avoid facing the inevitable.


  • Four different endings : your actions, or your inaction, matter
  • Midnight movie ambiance : an abstract narrative with psychosexual themes, echoing the works of Lynch and Cronenberg
  • Late-night television : sit down and actually watch over an hour of remixed public-domain-sourced videos
  • Low risk gameplay : no enemies putting the player in danger, just light puzzle elements to solve and a tense and heavy atmosphere


\SPEK.TAKL\ was previously available here on Itch. This is the newer version, effectively replacing the earlier one. Similar to a Director's Cut, this version of the game contains material never seen in earlier versions.

  • An additional, exclusive ending, further exploring the dark themes of the original game
  • Unused music tracks composed for the original release added back to the new environments
  • Quality of Life improvements, such as subtitles for dialog and bug fixes for a smoother experience

Updated 16 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Altgame, Erotic, Halloween, Horror, Psychological Horror, vhs, Walking simulator
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Get this game and 4 more for $9.95 USD
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Hey just wanted to throw some support your way. Read about your game being banned from the Retroware.com coverage and picked up a copy. I really enjoyed it! Best of luck and much success! 


Thank you very much! Hopefully the game itself was a worthy experience. Your support means a lot to us!

Will it be released in Steam?

(1 edit) (+1)

Unfortunately, this game will not be published on Steam. We were planning to, but we've encountered problems.
For more information, you can read the blog post we wrote about the situation here.

Will there be patches in future?

None are planned. Hopefully this is the last version we'll put out of this title.


Can't wait to try it out! Congrats on the re-launch!


Thank you for the kind words! You mention the re-launch : if you've played before, make sure you are interested in the new content before buying again. Not much has changed with the original. Just be certain you make an informed purchase. :)


I appreciate the reminder. I never played the original -- really excited to jump into it tonight!


i need a buy button!


It should be available now, we just published it a few minutes ago. We hope you enjoy your time with it!


TY, i love this game design!

so excited i will def buy when this comes out. Loved the original

The game is out now! Take the time to read what's new in the game since the last time you've played. Be warned that not a lot has changed, so make sure you are still interested before buying. We appreciate your support nonetheless.

I understand, just bought a copy. This is one of my favorite somewhat games! excited to see what else you guys can do

Woah it's not out yet? Looks great.


It's out now! Today is the day!

Awesome! Thanks for releasing this.

The original game is a wonderful, if disturbing experience, I can't wait for this version.

This new version is out today! Please make sure you read what's new in the game page, since not a lot was added compared to the original version. Consider if it's worth a second buy before committing to it. We appreciate your support either way.

ah, i may buy it just for subtitles alone. i couldn't understand the man on the phone when i played it.

Can't wait for it,  i'm addicted to your games! ๐Ÿ‘


The game is out! Thank you for you support. You know the admiration for each other's games is mutual! :-)

Looks fantastic!

Excited for this.

It's out today. Hopefully you've maintained the hype until now!

This looks messed up. I'm stoked!

It's now available! We hope you'll have a great time with it.