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This game has a hauntingly beautiful aesthetic. I got the "crystal ending", and it seems that the common ending is the "fire ending" and the rare ending is the "casket floating in water ending." I wish I got the rare ending on my first try XD. I like learning how others see things and explain why they see things the way they do. Looking forward to more games by somewhat.

Thank you very much for the kind words and for taking the time to play!
There is actually 5 different endings. You can see the software as some sort of abstracted tarot reading, or some sort of personality test. The endings are not so much to be 'unlocked' as they actually are based on the answers given by the player and should offer a space for reflection and introspection, ideally. 

It is a very different game from my other titles (the others are definitely more horror-  or dread-focused), so proceed with caution and read the content warning I added in the game pages for more information about them. 

It took me three whole questions to understand that the very specific depth of field was on purpose.

No worries, I agree it's a very divisive choice. But yeah I went with the macro-vision puppet-stage type look to really lean into the Brothers Quay aesthetic. 

I actually appreciate it. It was really fun to realize that each box came in layers, and your experience varies based on whether you base your answer on your first glance or investigate the whole thing.

Another solid entry from somewhat. I really enjoyed this one and the form I received was definitely a nice touch.

Thank you so much for playing. Lots of praise in that video, I'm not sure how to react! :)
I am glad you've had a good time, and I believe you've approached that experience with the correct mindset. It was a pleasure watching you play through it! New stuff coming soon, hopefully in time for Halloween.

Awesome! I'll be sure to keep an eye out and try to get a video of it up quick.

An interesting game with a gripping premise that was exactly what I hoped it would be. The developer(s) were very quick in responding to the email of my filled sheet, within 1-2 days. Recommended for anyone who is interested in psychological tests.

Thank you very much for playing! You were one of the few players to include the form in the video of your playthrough, which should be of interest to other people curious as to what to expect to get the full experience of TSOTG.

When looking through others videos, it was a bit disappointing to see that myself. I found the form to be the most interesting part of this experience. It kept me wondering more about others' playthroughs.

Shed the inanimate, what does it means? 

Really interesting the game, thanks, but makes me feel a little insecure walking in those dark streets.

I made the account just to be able to state my sincere respect for the authors. As I'm "that guy that overthinks everything" and analyse i immidiately searched for answers when i got "Seek the lesson to be learned" and seemed not many people got this one. Funny as people stayedthere were only 5 endings (maybe only towards opening "church gates" ? not to answer?) still fantastic work

Thank you for the kind words. It seems you approached the software with the correct frame of mind, considering that TSOTG needs to be taken as a tool for introspection and self-analysis. Of course, as with everything, moderation is advised, and if overthinking leads to anxiety, perhaps start there to retake control of your sense of self. 
There are indeed 5 different church environments at the end, and each have their own set of messages centered around the 'theme' of the ending. It is meant for players to replay the software at different points of time and see what other / different results come up. I am glad you enjoyed it. 

I like the ambient, like a horror style and even remember me some of the streets of my city, even I was a bit hesitant to walk through some of them (not a fan of walk into a bad illuminate alley) So I reached the church and had to go back for more answers. The music and sound effects mix perfectly with the scenery, it was amazing.

I want to send the form but I'm having troubles saving it, could I send you screenshots of it?

My phrase was "Tragedy begets opportunity" I'm going between a lot of troubles at home and family, and feel awful for all the homicides and other violent stuff going on my country and city, so I'm still thinking about the meaning and I tend to overthink so it will take me a while.

A screenshot of the filled form would do nicely, don't worry. I would also argue it's a good thing to take a while to think things over, as this software was made to be a place and opportunity for introspection. Thank you for playing.

I liked how the game was laid out. It gave 90's horror game vibes which was very pleasing to the eye. I liked the outcome since I usually take care of other people before I take care of myself (which rarely happens also). "Love yourself first" really set home. I sent in the form if you're wondering—I hope I did it right.

You should receive an email soon about the form. There was an issue in sending it and thus could not be analyzed.
Otherwise, thank you for taking the time to play. 

I don't know what I was expecting, but when I recieved the message "Let Go," I understood that this thing was reading my mind like a magazine. I recently went through a death in the family, so the message displayed really impacted me in a way I can't begin to describe. 10/10, Amazing experience. Form 42-B should be in the mail soon.


I’m glad the experience could somehow reach out to you (or you to it? what’s the relation between a player and a game, after all?).

It was made for introspection purposes, and I am reassured everytime I hear something like this.

Expect Form 73-D in your emails sometime over the weekend. 😊

I'm in sort of a transitive state in my life right now, and I've always been hesitant to take the steps to go through with something; so getting "Open yourself to it," really spoke to me in a way I wasn't expecting. Don't know if you'll see this, but amazing work.

I'm glad the experience could be of use to you. Best of luck to you for whatever comes next in your life. :)

My ending was simply "Let Go"... honestly, i hold on to way too much thanks to anxiety, and as a result i always want control of a situation. This was very in tune with me, well done

Thank you for playing. You seem to have approached the game in the right way. It is supposed to be a space for self-reflection, and if the ending and its message speak to you, then I'd humbly suggest it's a mission accomplished.

Make peace with the anger... Anger, hatred, repulsion and rage - I experience them so often that I almost forgot what was my life like before all this.

I am glad the experience could reach out to you. It was intended as a place for introspection, so if it put you in a thinking mood, then I accomplished my mission.
Living with anger causes all sorts of damage, to oneself and also to others around us. Hopefully you can find peace for yourself. Don't give up.

Thank you for your reply...

"Build it Anew"

"Shed the Inanimate" was my result at the end. Very fitting.

Didn't bother with sending the form~ 

Love the game! 

Thank you for the time you put into experiencing the TSOTG evaluation software. Do not worry, sending the form is not mandatory. We hope you found the time spent with the software satisfactory.

I loved this test and kinda gave me an insight at how I see things. Really well done. 

Thank you for the time you put into experiencing the TSOTG evaluation software. Your performance was analyzed with great interest. The candidness with which you approached the evaluation honors you.

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I have completed my test and submitted my forum. Video documentation is above. This was an...interesting experience, and I mean that in a good way. Looking forward to my evaluation! - Zander "Crazyfanboysteve"

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Thank you for the time you put into experiencing the TSOTG evaluation software. Your performance was analyzed with great interest.  Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience the software made you experience in attempting to launch it and making it work properly.
Please expect Form 73-D in your email inbox today.

Looking forward to my evaluation. This was a good little surreal play.

Your game starts at 15:30, and i've filled out the form and sent it in!

Thank you for the time you put into experiencing the TSOTG evaluation software.Your video performance was evaluated with great interest by our clinical staff. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

 Your form was received and analyzed by clinical staff. Expect form 73-D in your mail box in the coming day.

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