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i did a video, the game was very fun! I highly recommend this game.

Hey! Thank you for your recommendation :)

no problem man :]

Hello! i just wanted to say i really enjoyed playing this game i do like the fact that there is more to this like the great war or what is that machine and what was in that machine! was it the prisoners of war? also i made a video so i hope you enjoy!

Be more confident! You had the right theory, you figured out most of the story correctly. :)
Thank you very much for playing.


This messed with my head, loved the PS1 style graphics and creepy atmospheric audio! Keep up the great work!


Thank you for playing! I'm glad I didn't put any jumpscares in there (although there are some abrupt transitions that can startle), so it makes for a better playing experience for your type of player profile.

Very intriguing! I really want to know more about the great war! How did it start? How did it end? 


Thank you very much for playing my game!
As for this great war, I made a little bit of lore in my mind for this game, but most of it wasn't included in the game. I might come back to this 'universe' eventually, if the right game idea comes up.

That would be cool lol sounds interesting!

Fun little Game

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

Thank you for taking the time to play my game! You figured out the plot quite early on, you were perceptive! 

Deleted 4 years ago

Sorry the experience confused you, although your reactions were fun to witness. And yes, the fact Markiplier played the game definitely gave it a boost of popularity, I'm still riding on that wave, pretty much.
Thank you for taking the time to play. 

Deleted 4 years ago

A great showcase of environmental storytelling, made all the more impactful by phenomenal sound design.

Gave it a go...


Thank you for playing, it was really enjoyable watching all of your reactions.I'm glad you liked it, too. 

This game has been interesting, although I didn't really got what it was all about I had a fun time none the less. Would be cool if you did something with the upper area + implement a story into the game, thank you for creating Please! :)

Your face at the end was priceless! XD
Sorry if it all confused you. There is actually a story in the game, but it was purposefully told in a very abstract way, so it's quite alright if you missed out on it. Still, I hope you've enjoyed playing my game.

definitely did, you did an amazing job! :)

Other great game by somewhat! I really enjoy your strange games, very interesting and spooky.

Thank you very much. Yes I've seen you play some of my earlier titles, happy to see you back at it! :)

I really like your style! It's a lot different (and pushes the edge) than other developers and their games.

Kept me in tension. I loved it. Thanks fot this game, very enjoyable

Pleasure is all mine! :)
I'm very glad you found enjoyment in my title, thank you for investing some of your time in it.


I am glad you enjoyed PLEEZ! Thank you for the time you invested in this!


Deleted post

Thank you for putting some time into playing my game. Always a pleasure, Sir!

Having played some of your games before (I Make Saints and The Shape On The Ground), I was expecting something out of the ordinary.

You delivered.


Yes! I just watched it! Wouldn't you know I'm already a subscriber to your channel?  ;-)

Thank you for also playing that one and being such a willing player, ready to give a chance to the weirder elements of the indie scene. Your support is greatly appreciated.


I'm so sorry about the siren sound. I found a 'factory siren' sound while working on this game and I found it fascinating and used it a LOT (perhaps overused it?).

Still, thank you for playing, even though it was a special kind of torture for you specifically.

Oh no! I enjoyed the thrill hehe ; D

Please is an amazing Horror short! Sound is truly everything and the unusual style and setting will have you on edge!! CHOO CHOO

Thank you for taking the time to play my game and thank you for the kind words.

Went in thinking i was gonna be scared, came out just feeling weird. It is a nice little game but i had no idea what even happened, maybe that was the point of the game. feel free to check out my video on the game

I agree it is not 'horror' per se, like there's no actual intended jumpscares or anything. And yeah, the game is sort of opened to interpretation, so your opinion about it will be 100% valid.
Thank you very much for the time you put into it!

Played this as part of a 3 free indie horrors video. The game wasn't bad, though it was very short and pretty lacking in content. Understanding the story through just gameplay was a little difficult as nothing is really explained in the game itself. Most of the game just felt very random with no obvious direction. However the game was interesting to say the least. I give a full, honest and in-depth review at the end of my video. 

Well, obviously the game wasn't your cup of tea. To be honest, I wasn't expecting it to 'blow up' either, I don't make 'proper' games, per se. My production usually does not meet the expectations of more mainstream players and I see it as more of an 'acquired taste' thing (y'know, a making-the-types-of-games-I-wanna-play kind of deal)
I'd suggest perhaps you skip my other titles, as Please is generally a good indication of what I want to do in the future, as far as my output goes.
That said, thank you for taking the time to play it. It's always appreciated.

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No problem! I wish you luck in your later development. I see a lot of potential in your work, so i'll be checking back from time to time, to see how you progress. Keep up the work! 

Edit: I would also like to add that I played "\SPEK.TAKL\" and very much enjoyed that game. I was just recently aware that you are the same developer.

We feel like there's a hidden message in this game

It was scary!

Good Job, Keep it up

Thank you for playing, guys!There is indeed a story behind the game, which is revealed through clues in the environment. But I agree there could also be a bigger message woven into it as well. 
But that message is up for people to interpret how they want.

This was a nice horror game despite the lack of jumpscares (unless I missed something). I didn't get exactly what was going on except for the description of the game. Still the graphics and the sounds made this game very unique and quite scary. I am very glad that my trashy computer was able to run this game too! Thanks so much for the game! Keep up the good work!

Don't worry, you've seen everything from the game, it is a very simple game. 
Also, until the very end (where there are post-processing visual effects kicking in), the game is indeed very optimized for older systems, simply because it doesn't contain a lot of stuff in it (simple textures, low-poly models, etc.).
Thank you for taking the time to play.

The message at the end is something that I feel I needed to hear, and the game set me up perfectly for it. Masterfully done 

I'm glad it did something positive for you. :)
I'm a very apologetic and polite person in everyday life and I had to find strength in a calm and respectful demeanor, so I guess I injected some of that in the game, perhaps. 

Well..... that was a game. I am trying to wrap my head around what it all means.

I'm glad the game gets to kick around in your brain for a little while after you've played it, feels like I've done my job! :)
Thank you for playing.

A wonderful little game. Glad I could give it a try!

I'm happy you've given it time and enjoyed it! Thank you very much.

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What a terrifying and creepy game! This was the first game in the video of my 3 random horror games. Love a game that can tell a great story without directly telling it! Great work!


It's an honor to be your first time in that new series of yours! You definitely chose an interesting game to begin with. XD

Looking forward to more of your stuff because it definitely was interesting! Can't wait for more! 

Deleted post

To start off, the warping of the walls is a really creepy and tripy texture i loved it i will admit i dont know what the story was about but i did enjoy it if you would like to see my play through here it is: 

enjoy 😉👍

Thank you for playing my game! You did get most of the story straight, too!

Definitely interesting game here. Not sure if I got the in game story correct though. But overall, an interesting play.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Thank you for playing! I really dig your calm and posed vibes, and your analysis is quite correct for the most part. Keep up the good Youtube work!

Weird, but in a good way! Can't see a war against slugs going well for the slugs though, I hear they don't like salt.


Hey, thank you for the time you took in playing this little game of mine! You got the gist of the story right, except maybe for the creatures being slugs, although they resemble slugs a lot. 
We wouldn't have lost the war if it was as easy as defeating slugs with salt. If only!

So another gastropod or something more... alien? 

I'll keep the secret for now as I might be revisiting this 'universe' in a future title. Could be fun to expand on the lore.

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Very cool game that completely messed with my eyes! I loved the warping textures so much!!! Would love to see a full version eventually! The sound was perfect!

Here's my playthrough:


The warping was absolutely deliberate, ascribing to the PS1 aesthetics.Also, this is the whole experience, it wasn't a demo for anything else (at least at the moment).

Still, the fruit punch factory thanks you for your service.

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it was a interesting game I like it

Thank you for playing! By the way, yeah, it wasn't fruit juice...

I found this game enjoyable, fun little game, would recommend it to other people

I'm sorry you had to do your comrade in like this. Thank you for playing, though!

Feels broken at first, but then it all makes sense.

Hey, thanks for the time you took in playing my game! Not the first one of mine you're playing, too. I appreciate it, keep up the youtube hustle!

I had a BLAST with this game.

Thanks for the fun <3 

This was a fun watch, thank you for taking the time to play. Oh and, it was a factory whistle, not a yeeting man. :P

Apart from that, I'd say your comprehension of the events of the game is spot on. You got a good instinct.

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Wonderful game, man! I'll never grow tired of PSX era horror asthetics, yet you have your decidedly unique spin on them. Still thinking about what I exactly did in the game.

Also, props for the soundwork. I inched across each door in the hall listening to see if I can pick something up. Or the groaning sounds of...whatever is down there. Playing this with a headphone really pulls you into that dreary world.

May you be inspired to make more of these. :)

I'm very glad you enjoyed. And good thing you like the PSX aesthetics because that's all I can do, as a fledgling 3D modeler.

Thanks for this game Dev...Nicely done :)) 

Thanks! And many more thanks for taking the time to play it! ALL OF THE THANKS!


When I played it. I thought that this game is broken but it is not. This game itself is fun to play and wired that the same time. It is fun tough. 

That was an interesting playthrough of the game. You're a very energetic player, and it was fun to watch you and the game clash like this. The textures are deliberately made to warp like that, though; it's a style. Yeah, I know, weird.


The sound in this game is impeccable. Phenomenal job! I'm super excited for the full release! Keep up the good work, you are doing great ^_^

Thank you for taking the time to play it. 
But the thing is...that's the whole game. There's no plan to expand on this title further and it wasn't a demo. Apart from that, I apologize for the jarring and sudden jump cuts, although they are as intended. I also find it very interesting that the experience made you aware of the sounds in your surroundings, since it's a big theme in the game, obviously.

Oh man, I apologize! After seeing that I couldn't enter the upstairs, I thought there would be more. I did enjoy my experience, although the sudden transitions were a tad unpleasant for me. I did wish there would be more. You're very talented, and I hope to see more from you. ^_^

Another great game, I really loved it. 

Sound is something that sometimes gets overlooked, but it is such a important part of atmosphere and this game really showed that.

The loud noises that nearly hurt add a lot to the uncomfortable feeling I as a player feelt which added a lot to the experience.

Really, your games are great and deserve so much more attention

I agree completely (as if the game itself wasn't proof enough of my belief in rigorous sound design)! 
The hurting of the ears was deliberate, to an extent. It's a loud, maddening factory, and I wanted players to be able to experience that correctly. Thank you very much for the time you took in playing it. 

This was a brilliant little interactive horror experience that leaves me with so many questions. The psycho-industrialist overtones dovetail so nicely with the tasking in the gameplay and the haunting of the apartment at the end was so effective. It would be remiss of me not to comment on the sound design in the game as well. The echoing madness more than anything give the place a dominating sense of space so well. I played this with my friend Sunil and we both really liked it. Hats off.

The theme of the game jam this title subscribes to was 'Industrial Horror'. Somewhere along production, I felt like I hit the theme too on-the-nose, but I feel the final result is not so bad after all.
And yes, this was more or less an experiment on sound design first and foremost, so I am glad you noticed. :)

Wrote something for your last one, so I'll do it again for this one.

Loved this one, you've definitely improved in terms of atmosphere. 

The visuals paired with the incredible atmosphere created an unforgettable experience, even for such a short one. Fantastic work with the environment itself, I felt completely sucked in the moment I started.

The setting worked great for the atmosphere, and all the sound effects were great too. This is going to be one of those games I'll love replaying to really understand it properly.

If I had any complaints, it would be that the transitions between stages (i.e. repairing something and going back to your room) felt a bit rough and sudden, but that might even just be intentional and I've been looking at it wrong.

I wrote this after my first playthrough just out of excitement to jot down what I thought, so apologies if I missed something or this doesn't seem very interesting.

Overall, great work with this one, absolutely loved it, and I'm very excited to see what you do next!

Thank you for the kind words. As this title was made for a game jam, I felt like it was the right place to experiment with a few things, including the ellipses/parallel/asynchronous loading methods. So it means you get brutal jump cuts such as the ones seen in Paratopic, for example, which was intentional, as you remarked. 
This game also contains my first loading screen that works as intended; not a big detail, but definitely one that was bugging me since my first game. 
It was a great learning experience and I am glad it can find an audience.

Thanks for the response! That all makes a lot more sense. Experimentation is great!
And you should definitely be happy with having a working loading screen, that's definitely been something I've wanted to have working in the projects I've made, it's great! The stuff you make is exactly the kind of niche horror games I'm completely into so I'll always be around for whatever you put out next!
Best wishes

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