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I enjoyed this wee game a lot, an interesting tale with an interesting way of telling it


It was an unusual gaming experience and you were a very good sport about it. Thank you very much for taking the time to play!

LOVED this game. So effective. My favorite horror games are the ones that can do a lot with a little and you knock it out of the park here. IMMEDIATELY unsettling and it just got better from there. A+

Wow, thank you very much! Your support means a lot, too!
I'm glad you really got into it, especially sound-wise, which really is where the experience happens. 
I was giddy just watching you play, I believe we have the same triggers when it comes to horror.

This was very interesting! I enjoyed the atmosphere and all the various sounds!! Keep it up!! 

Thank you for playing! Love your highly dynamic video editing style, btw.

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Interesting that you should go on a Chernobyl tangent. I wouldn't say the two are directly linked, but they definitely feed off a similar basic fear. Anyway, thanks for playing!

I always search for experiences like this on Itchio - the obscure, trippy and vague. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and even with my lingering questions, I feel like what was intended was pulled off extremely well. Will follow for future projects. 


Thank you very much! I apologize, as the ending there seemed to leave you speechless. XD

I actually cut out audio at a certain point, more so because I thought you ended it so strong. That was very, very intense at the end. You should be very proud, it takes a lot of heart and skill to pull off this genre especially in the flood of short horror on -- I consider this on the level of 98Demake, which is a high bar (in my eyes). Seriously! 

Wow! Thanks!  :)

That was pretty cool. I like the neat little effects like the way things looked up close.

I don't know if I fully understood what was going on but I was creeped out by the whole thing, so if that was the intent, good job! 


You actually got the gist of it right. And I would argue that sound is part of the rhythm and narrative of the game : it's giving hints into what's in the machine, for example. Also, the lack of sound is part of it, the silence is a component. 
In any case, I am glad you enjoyed my little experiment. Thank you very much for taking the time to play.

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That was simple and effective. Great work!


Thank you for the kind words. Since it was part of a game jam, I didn't have time to make a longer, more involved experience, so I stick to what I knew. Glad to see the result of this decision works.

It's such a simple yet effective word, isn't it? "Please?" How can one refuse such a simple, polite request?

I was honestly pretty hypnotised by this game, from the second I booted it up I got immersed in this other world with its distinctly dystopian feel, building full of seemingly ill or troubled people and a mysterious machine presumably providing power for us all.

The mechanics are simple enough, review requests for work to be done by studying the photographs pushed underneath your door and then head to the basement(?) to find and fix whatever is broken.

The real meat of the game comes from the slow build-up of the crushing claustrophobic climate as you lurch from request to request without questioning a thing. And the ending will leave a lump in your throat.

This is definitely worth experiencing, so you can perhaps deduce the ending in your own way. I hope somewhat keeps up the great work, such thought-provoking, beautiful games!


Thank you for playing, and investing this time into analyzing and reviewing it so thoroughly. It was fun watching you play through it!

Interesting experience, nice atmosphere and audio work. I like how your vision warps as you look too closely. It made me think how in life you need to take a step back in order to see the big picture – or I’m reading too much into this. : ) I understood a war with slugs? through the newspapers and posters, but I’m left wanting to understand more, especially about the thing in the machine. Maybe you didn’t intend us to understand much, though. Thank you for sharing with us!

I created some lore for the game, and decided against going too deep into it, so as to keep the brisk pacing. I was thinking of maybe coming back to it in a later game, since the universe I created seem to intrigue people.

This was a trip in the end for sure hope you enjoy the video 

Thank you for playing, M'Lord!

Interesting concept!

Hey, thanks for playing! I realize I make games that are quite out of the ordinary, but you were a good sport about it. Thank you again for taking the time to play it.

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This game has no jumpscares, but atmosphere and weird ending really got me. Amazing experience

I really appreciate the extra effort you put into your video (that polaroid prop at the beginning was great). Keep up the great work! Thank you for playing my game.

I made a song: I feel Like imma scream my lungs out,I feel like imma scream my lungs out,Please. Help. M

Very good and mysterious game, tbh i didnt understand the story behind it (if there is any) and also can we expect any update? 

here is my video btw

That was an interesting watch. You bring a lot of energy to a game that's a more passive, understated experience. The clash between the two was definitely worth watching. Thank you for playing!


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I was actually quite surprised by this one. Expected another trope-y PS1-horror jam, but it actually had an interesting world. I drew a lot of parallels to Eraserhead, but that could just be coincidental. It's a cool horror setting regardless. Would love to see more exploratory works like this in the future!

Thank you for taking the time to play. If you like this kind of exploratory gameplay, it's pretty much what I do all the time. Also look into other indie devs such as Modus Interactive, Kitty Horrorshow, Valerie Dusk or Studio Snowspot.

Please is the second game! I think I solved the story about the slugs and the war. Very interested in playing even more!

Indeed, you figured it out, because you were quite attentive to all the details! Good eye! Thank you for taking the time to play, as well. :)

It was a really weird feeling. like I was doing something bad... check out my walkthrough!

Yeah, I've seen many players expressing some regret ("What have I done? Should I have done that?") after pushing the last button. I didn't expect this reaction, exactly, and it's been very interesting to see. 

Gave the game a try!  


Thanks for playing! I'm glad you've enjoyed it. 

Great Play :)

Thank you very much! :) It's an unusual game, so I am glad you enjoyed.

As a fan of \SPEK.TAKL\ I knew I was in for another freaky experience. This did not disappoint. Played the game with some other HPS1SSJ games! (your game is first)

Hey, thank you for your interest in my games! Also, goshdarn, you are right, I might have unconsciously being influenced by Kitty Horrorshow and Anatomy for the ending. It didn't come to mind while designing it but since you've mentioned it, it strikes me as undeniable. I could also state Paratopic as a big influence for 'please' which, if you haven't played and enjoy weird experimental games, is definitely a must play.

Keep up the great work!

Oh yes, it didn't occur to me at the time but now that you mention it it's very reminiscent of Paratopic! Definitely a great game to be inspired by. Can't wait to see what you make next!

was weirded out with the sounds in the beginning, but was really impressed by the end. heres my video :D


I agree, it's a very polite game, isn't it? 
Also, newest Unity update removes the choices of screen resolution when you launch the game, so you'll see less and less of it. 

hahah yes. also I was joking about the reolution choices, I dont mind it at all :D

I have so many questions !!

but I loved this game !!

yet I got to know, Were we using humans as some sort of energy ???

Anyways, here's my gameplay where I basically freak out in most of the video !

Sorry it freaked you out that much! XD
Don't be too confused, you figured out most of the story, so it's fine. 
As for the nightmares, they say if you eat right before going to bed, it'll give you bad dreams. So don't eat (or DO eat, depending on your goals here) before hitting the hay!

Oh I love getting scared ! XD

you did a great job with the game ! 

I loved the old, low res style of this game it gave it a scarier vibe! The attention on sound is excellent well done man! We covered this Ona video, gameplay starts at 11:09 😊

Thank you for playing! The game seemed to have throw you off a little, but you were good sports about it. Thanks again

i did a video, the game was very fun! I highly recommend this game.

Hey! Thank you for your recommendation :)

no problem man :]

Hello! i just wanted to say i really enjoyed playing this game i do like the fact that there is more to this like the great war or what is that machine and what was in that machine! was it the prisoners of war? also i made a video so i hope you enjoy!

Be more confident! You had the right theory, you figured out most of the story correctly. :)
Thank you very much for playing.


This messed with my head, loved the PS1 style graphics and creepy atmospheric audio! Keep up the great work!


Thank you for playing! I'm glad I didn't put any jumpscares in there (although there are some abrupt transitions that can startle), so it makes for a better playing experience for your type of player profile.

Very intriguing! I really want to know more about the great war! How did it start? How did it end? 


Thank you very much for playing my game!
As for this great war, I made a little bit of lore in my mind for this game, but most of it wasn't included in the game. I might come back to this 'universe' eventually, if the right game idea comes up.

That would be cool lol sounds interesting!

Fun little Game

Link to my channel (opens in new tab)

Thank you for taking the time to play my game! You figured out the plot quite early on, you were perceptive! 

Deleted 355 days ago

Sorry the experience confused you, although your reactions were fun to witness. And yes, the fact Markiplier played the game definitely gave it a boost of popularity, I'm still riding on that wave, pretty much.
Thank you for taking the time to play. 

Deleted 355 days ago

A great showcase of environmental storytelling, made all the more impactful by phenomenal sound design.

Gave it a go...


Thank you for playing, it was really enjoyable watching all of your reactions.I'm glad you liked it, too. 

This game has been interesting, although I didn't really got what it was all about I had a fun time none the less. Would be cool if you did something with the upper area + implement a story into the game, thank you for creating Please! :)

Your face at the end was priceless! XD
Sorry if it all confused you. There is actually a story in the game, but it was purposefully told in a very abstract way, so it's quite alright if you missed out on it. Still, I hope you've enjoyed playing my game.

definitely did, you did an amazing job! :)

Other great game by somewhat! I really enjoy your strange games, very interesting and spooky.

Thank you very much. Yes I've seen you play some of my earlier titles, happy to see you back at it! :)

I really like your style! It's a lot different (and pushes the edge) than other developers and their games.

Kept me in tension. I loved it. Thanks fot this game, very enjoyable

Pleasure is all mine! :)
I'm very glad you found enjoyment in my title, thank you for investing some of your time in it.


I am glad you enjoyed PLEEZ! Thank you for the time you invested in this!



🎀 WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?! | Please Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Thank you for putting some time into playing my game. Always a pleasure, Sir!

Having played some of your games before (I Make Saints and The Shape On The Ground), I was expecting something out of the ordinary.

You delivered.


Yes! I just watched it! Wouldn't you know I'm already a subscriber to your channel?  ;-)

Thank you for also playing that one and being such a willing player, ready to give a chance to the weirder elements of the indie scene. Your support is greatly appreciated.


I'm so sorry about the siren sound. I found a 'factory siren' sound while working on this game and I found it fascinating and used it a LOT (perhaps overused it?).

Still, thank you for playing, even though it was a special kind of torture for you specifically.

Oh no! I enjoyed the thrill hehe ; D

Please is an amazing Horror short! Sound is truly everything and the unusual style and setting will have you on edge!! CHOO CHOO

Thank you for taking the time to play my game and thank you for the kind words.

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