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Final Update (Hopefully!)
Since we were fixing all sorts of issues in the other edition of I Make Saints (available on another website *ahem*), we figured we would be fixing the same iss...
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WHO? I am somewhat , the single developer behind the titles published on under that name. My first creation, I Make Saints , left more than a few player...
A New Release By Somewhat
A new release from Somewhat is now available on Itchio. It is called The Shape On The Ground and can be downloaded here :
Another place
Far away. Smaller. Cannot say too much. A place to relax is slowly becoming a new fever dream. Coming in a few weeks...
macOS and Linux versions now available
Now available, by demand, are the Linux and macOS versions of I Make Saints, so that your OS of choice doesn't detract you from experiencing all the guilt. Acco...
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Smaller Saints
Uploaded more compact versions of the game that I made for Gamejolt. It figures they needed to be uploaded here as well. The game is the same, you will encounte...
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Time for you to make Saints
The experience is now available for you to download. Experience the game for free. If you wish to contribute to Somewhat and help other games in the same vein...
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Freeing the Saints
Started work on sounds and music. Decided upon a method of distribution. The Saints will be free. But you must pay to hear them...